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  • Homebrew, Hacking & Hardware News

    24 46.15%
  • Homebrew Hacking & Hardware News with a feed for Games news for each console on the respective site

    15 28.85%
  • Leave it as it is

    13 25.00%
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Thread: DCEmu Network - Have Your Say

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    Wrag, all i'm going to say is get rid of the ****ing play asia ad's in the forums. (I know it helps pay for bills most likely, but surely thats what the banners are for?)

    They aren't news worthy, and I doubt they get you much referrals.

    I think you should still keep the game "news".
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    I kind of like some general gaming news as it saves me going to look elsewhere, but I don't think you should become bogged down with it at the expense of other areas which this site was founded upon. To that end I've opted for option 2 - best of both worlds for me

    One thing that perplexes me is the constant re-posting of threads over at Gizmondo, here. Someone over there poses a question, then it gets re-posed over here. If there's some benefit from the referrals then fine but it seems a little odd to me when you could just pose more unique questions of your own for users of this site to encourage conversation etc. I feels impersonal to me and I have little desire to want to respond.

    That's my 2 pence worth anyway and at least you can always undo your choice if it doesn't work out.

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    I went homebrew, hacking, and hardware.

    If there is some important game news, then a newsposter can take care of it.

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    I voted leave it as it is, because most of the gaming news articles the site posts isn't that bad. But the Ads that look like articles and the sales number news I could really do with out.


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    This is my one stop to find out about all DS news including new releases not just homebrew. You should find someone to help you post the other news if you need to, but I really like the site the way it is. It seems like it would be less useful/entertaining to me if it didn't have news related to new releases. Some of the things like new studies and thing that relate gta to some random bs could probably be dropped though. :P

    I also want to say, no matter what you do I'll keep coming here and reading the news that you do have, but I cast my vote to leave it the way it is.
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    Homebrew of course. But I hear many people here don't want any commercial stuff, which is a fine opinion, but i'd definately like some General Gaming news here.

    Reviews would seem slightly pointless if done on consoles that nobody come here to read about in the first place. Commercial gaming in general really, we'd be better off reviewing homebrew applications if that was it. So yes, gaming news is welcome, but is there a way we can organize it better? NO feeds. Real, live people can handle the news posting.

    What about homebrew droughts? Like, now for instance? Posting some game news isn't a problem...SPAMMING ALOT of game news is a problem

    Um...a look overhaul to look more professional? Maybe?

    Really all my suggestions are gonna point to the same thing; lets get some real discussion threads back at DCEmu.

    And get rid of the APPLENEWS and Sonyblog crap already...or off the New Posts page anyway :/

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    It's a real shame the 'news' spam bots weren't removed and the site/forums saved all those years ago. The regulars begged but were ignored. I used to love DCemu but it was intentionally killed off, kind of sad to see the state it's in now

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    So sad

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