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Translate/Learn Morse Code with DS

My second homebrew proyect ...

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- The homebrew in principle intended to be a Morse translator also add some images and examples to learn a bit forgotten that communication system.

- List of things that have / will have:

* Text-Morse translator.
* Translator Morse Text. (added)
* Practice mode or test (added).
* Images of equivalence of signs or alphabet. (added)
* Click sounds completely customizable. (added)
* Tutorial / exercises for learning the Morse alphabet.
* Menus showy. (added)
* Clock on the top. (added)
* Language selector (ESP-ING-FRA). (added)

- Controls:

Touch screen: Press to enter points or stripes. Move between menus.

X: Navigate aid
B: Clear text
A: Insert space
Y: Clear space

L / R: Show / Hide script
Select: Show credits
Down: Clear text
Right: Insert space
Left: Clear space

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