We have many kinds of irritation in our lives. Never being able to find the nail clippers, raccoons smashing up our bins, the endless warring of mankind for the benefit of the rich. But none of these things compare to the endless fantasy rumourings of the Nintendo blogs that have sprung up like the most horrible weeds in recent months.

This being the case, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there have been hundreds of legitimate rumours surfacing of late. Virtual reality headsets, projector add-ons, endless games, launch dates, hardware revisions. All of it, the entirety of what you might have been unfortunate enough to read, is fantasy, the self-pollinating collective dream of a mass of bored and lonely teenagers with free blogger software and access to the Internet. We pride ourselves on covering rumours based on people in the know talking to ourselves or others in the industry. This kind of rumour has absolute grounding as with this week's Ridge Racer 7 news.

So with this in mind, we're pleased to inform you that this year's E3 looks set to show some interesting Revolution IP, the first being a new game from Shigeru Miyamoto. From what we can gather from our press colleagues, Pikmin Revolution is a cert, though its showing at E3 cannot be confirmed. Miyamoto will however, show the world a new game from his ever-fertile brain. We cannot elaborate on what Nintendo is going to reveal, simply because we - nor anyone we know involved with Nintendo - knows at this point. But keep an eye out for a big new game that will be playable at E3.

The next little gem we have is the belief amongst trusted Japanese press sources that Nintendo will reveal a new Kid Icarus game for Revolution at E3. We have no other details at time of going to press, other than several sources we have worked with on major Nintendo news in the past indicate to us that this classic NES platformer will be revived in a few weeks.

As ever, expect updates on these pages as soon as we get them.