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Thread: PSPKVM 0.5.3 - Java Mobile Games Emulator for PSP

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    psp PSPKVM 0.5.3 - Java Mobile Games Emulator for PSP

    M@x and Sleeper have released a new version of the Java Mobile Games Emulator for PSP, heres whats new:

    - Bugfix for 'Default CPU speed setting doesn't work' (tracker ID 2812036);
    - Bugfix for Sony Ericsson 480x272 profile issue (tracker ID 2812032);
    - Bugfix for 'QWERTY board opens allcaps' (tracker ID 2806367);
    - Bugfix makes available missing top half of Unicode page 0 in built-in font (Adds common accents incl. acute, grave, circumflex, umlaut over Roman characters);
    - Added most of Unicode page 1 (Latin Extended 1) to built-in font (Adds less common accents and characters for most languages using Roman alphabets);
    - Added clipboard/text selection support to the virtual keyboards;
    - Added interface so MIDlets can request and receive events signalling raw PSP control state;
    - Added a semichordal virtual keyboard implementation (fast input, diacritics support);
    - Improved alpha blending for TrueType font rendering--smoother blends.
    - Support multi-language in Sony OSK input method.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

    Thanks to W00fer for the email of the news

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    So glad to see an update.
    This emu is awesome !!!!

    For those who don't know, this emu will allow you to play almost any cell phone game on your PSP

    Awesome stuff

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    Metal Gear Solid Mobile here i come!!

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    0.5.4 is coming soon, too... Promise.

    (Meanwhile, these are screen captures from the test builds...)

    (Bonus note--I'm posting this from Opera Mini in the VM.)

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    Test builds up for 0.5.4:

    ... additions since 0.5.3:

    * AMS folder system
    * 14-font system--provides bold, italic, bold/italic for all standard faces, a utility font allowing faster VK displays, a fallback font slot for a pan-Unicode font or a large Han set, and a (hopefully) faster cache. In this package, fonts are already provided for these.
    * Greek, Cyrillic, advanced diacritic and symbol support for the semichordal board.
    * In-GUI configuration of TrueType system, virtual keyboard setup.

    (Not an official release yet... But should be very soon.)

    ETA: Captures of this thing in action are all over the Wiki. See especially the captures demonstrating multilingual support.
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