It's no secret that Sony's motion controllers were in the works for quite a long time before finally being unveiled at E3 2009. Still, it's fun to look back into the past and see how the whole project evolved. Our buddies at Joystiq have cleverly dug up some slides from a 2001 Richard Marks presentation which describes, among other things, a game called Misho the Witch -- which made use of a ball-and-stick controller to train a virtual pet -- much in the vein of Sony's just unveiled EyePet. Some other ideas being tossed around were an X-Men branded game based on "superhero properties" and one based around the Teletubbies. Remember them? Yes, this presentation is that old. Oh, the olden days. There's no evidence that any of these ideas went too far beyond the talking-phase, but we'll have to wait and see for sure when the PS3 Motion Controller debuts next year. One more shot after the break.