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Titan Studios has issued a response to calls for its recently released Fat Princess PSN title to be fixed. As well it should.

"Players are sometimes experiencing significant lag in some games. Thanks to your feedback, we've identified a specific problem and already have a fix in testing. The matchmaking system will randomly pick potential servers bases on a number of criteria. As implemented, the results that are returned are fit in some regards, but sometimes have a high ping for your location.

"As a result, some players may be having a great experience, and others dealing with substantial lag. Leaving a particularly laggy game and joining a new one may result in a better experience. Unfortunately, it can be luck of the draw. The fix we have in testing returns a list of potential servers in such a way that it always favours the lowest available pings."

Addressing connection issues, the dev added, "We have implemented a number of fixes for previously identified problems, focusing most of our efforts on connection failures. We have already tested this patch on our own client machines, and performance appears to be dramatically improved. We are working with Sony now to get the patch into the Sony testing process as soon as possible.

"For those of you having trouble - thanks again for your patience. Fat Princess went through comprehensive testing with Sony in the US and Europe, and a beta, but these issues did not manifest until the game went live at scale. Rest assured, we're working on it, and think we have it largely addressed."

Note to self: much bigger beta next time.