The rumour mill is about to burn itself out thanks to re-occurring PS3 price drop rumours and word on PS3 Slim's arrival.

According to DigiTimes Sony has placed enough component orders to double quarterly PS3 manufacturing rates. Apparently it's ordered enough parts to knock together one million PS3 units during the third quarter of this year - double that of the last three months.

This has lead to speculation over a possible price cut, as Sony could be preparing for a surge in sales.

Elsewhere, a listing for a "PlayStation 3 Konsole Slim" appeared on Amazon's German website over the weekend before quickly being removed.

The Telegraph says that the new SKU will likely come in 40GB and 80GB versions, starting from around 260.

Official confirmation of all of this could come from Sony's Gamescom press conference in Germany on August 18. It might not either. We'll let you know.