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Thread: Gangs of London E3 2006 Preshow Hands-On

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    psp Gangs of London E3 2006 Preshow Hands-On

    Hands on from Gamespot:

    If you're familiar with The Getaway series for the PlayStation 2, then you know that these games have delivered an impressively authentic re-creation of modern-day London featuring mission-based driving and shooting action. The action itself has met with mixed response from critics and other game players, which may be why the next game from the makers of the series is sporting a completely different brand name--along with plenty of changes to The Getaway's old formula. We got our first chance to get our hands on Gangs of London at an SCEA pre-E3 event earlier this month, and though our experience with the game was relatively brief, we were impressed with both the wide range of content as well as the presentation on display.

    As the name suggests, Gangs of London lets you play as enforcers representing a number of different criminal organizations based out of England. The game's glamorized presentation of criminal life and gang-on-gang violence seems clearly inspired by other pop-culture portrayals of stuff like this, such as Guy Ritchie's movies like Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. However, the game's sense of style is distinctly different from The Getaway at least in one respect: There are graphic-novel-style cutscenes, like the ones in Max Payne, used to move the story along. SCEA reps promised that these would have added voiceover to give them more character, but from what we saw, they already looked great.

    Full article here -->

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