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Thread: Official MAME4ALL compatability list!

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    Donkey kong 3 5/5
    Donkey kong jr (original japanese) 5/5
    Elevator action 0/5 (black screen)
    Elevator action (bootleg) 5/5
    Green beret 4.5/5 (scrolling not so smooth)
    Gyruss (bootleg) 5/5
    Hyper Olympic 5/5 (Paddle killer !! )
    Kung fu master (data east) 4.5/5 (sound problem)
    Rastan 5/5
    Mario bros 5/5
    Moon patrol 4.5/5 (Music problem)
    Nibbler (set 1) 4/5 (Strange sound)
    Ninja princess 5/5
    Pengui kuns wars (Japan) 5/5
    Pooyan (konami) 5/5
    Rainbow island 2/5 (No sound, palette wrong,sprite problem)
    Popeye (bootleg) 0.5/5 (Screen to huge !!!!)
    Star jacker (sega) 4.5/5
    Pow (US) 1/5 (Slow down, and when you hit it's ... funny (let's try !))
    Super Zaxxon 2/5 (no sound, tooooooo faaaassstt ! )
    Time pilot 5/5
    Wonderboy (not encrypted) 4/5 (scrolling not smooth, more than the original)
    1941 (Japan) 4/5 (screen too big)
    Rastan 5/5
    Ghoul's and ghost 4.5/5
    TMNT (2 player uk) 4.5/5
    Un squadron 4/5 (screen too big)
    Willow (japan, English) 4.5/5
    Wonderboy in monster lair 4.5/5 (no sound)
    1943 kai 4.5/5 (look like sound lag)
    Black tiger bootleg 5/5
    Bubble bobble 0/5 (don't work)
    Bobble bobble 4/5 (no sound ... This game need sound ! )
    Commando (world) 5

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    thanks, list updated

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    will there be a way to correct the resolution (if I misspelled its because I am drunk,sorry) if not, not a big deal since the preveiw is great, even thought though there seems no way to control games, I wonder why?

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    1941(JAP)&(WORLD) 4.5/5 not full speed , and screen is a little big
    ALEX KIDD(BOOTLEG) graphic error , not playable
    Alien Syndrome 5/5 perfect
    Altered Beast my rom can not run since my romset is 0.96u4
    Area 88 4/5 graphic errors at characters' introduction demo , and screen is a little big ,sound is a little noisy
    Aurail(bootleg) 4/5 some graphic errors ,the sound is a little noisy
    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs(world) 3.5/5 no Qsound , and screen is a little big
    Capcom World 2 5/5 the sound is a little buggy

    STREET FIGHTER II TURBO (JAPAN) 3/5 graphic errors at title screen,speed is not decent
    STREET FIGHTER II' -champion edition not playable , dead loop at warnning screen

    Almost all CPS games have resolution problems. Maybe the screen is too big for TV to show. Drivers are old , there are many graphic errors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfg
    Rastan 5/5
    Well, this game has very LITTLE slowdowns, and the music is not right. Also Rastan Saga has the same problem. - 4/5

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemoniusX
    will there be a way to correct the resolution (if I misspelled its because I am drunk,sorry) if not, not a big deal since the preveiw is great, even thought though there seems no way to control games, I wonder why?
    I dont understand you.
    Do you have any problem with controls?


    All CPS1 have cutted resolution, for now, MAME4ALL have only 320x240 resolution.

    Also, a lot of sound/music problems are solved when switching to accurate sound at game menu,
    This options spends more CPU, but games like 'KungFu Master' must works ok with this option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M@jk
    Well, this game has very LITTLE slowdowns, and the music is not right. Also Rastan Saga has the same problem. - 4/5
    Ho ! I haven't see that ... I'll try roms longer next time !

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    For future releases, i want that MAME4ALL will save configuration per game to VMU: CPUs clocks, sound on/off/acurrate and joypads.
    There are around 1000 games, it is not easy to find a comfortable config for all.

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    These were tested on the pc test version of mame4all with a couple of minutes of playing:

    005 - works fine except no sound, but I don't think mame has sound for it either 4.5/5
    10 Yard Fight - seem to play perfectly fine 5/5
    280-ZZZAP - Black screen 0/5
    4 Player Bowling - Black Sceen 0/5
    4-D Warriors - Good until you die, the sound then hangs on a note until reset. 4/5
    600 - perfect 5/5
    720 Degrees (set 1) - Screen too big and sounds bad, sounds even worse with accurate sound?
    APB (set 2) - Screen too big, controls don't work, a little lag, sounds a bit off, and minor graphic glitches 2/5
    Aero Fighters - Flicker, sound skips/cuts in and out, slowdown, but otherwise playable 3.5/5
    Aeroboto - When you start a game it shows a slightly garbled screen where you are invisible and die instantly, it then loops until game over. 1/5
    Formation Z - Same as Aeroboto 1/5
    Alien Storm (bootleg) - black screen 0/5
    Altered Beast - Perfect 5/5
    Amazing Maze - black screen 0/5
    Amidar (Scramble Hardware) - perfect 5/5
    Amigo - perfect 5/5
    Ant Eater - weird sometimes works, and sometimes gives a dip switch test screen thingy, when it does work it is perfect 4.5/5
    Arabian - screen slightly too large but otherwise perfect. 4.5/5
    Arkanoid (Tayto bootleg, Japanese) - perfect 5/5
    Arkanoid (USA) - perfect 5/5
    Arkanoid (World) - perfect 5/5
    Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of DOH (Romstar) - a tad bit jumpy but otherwise perfect 5/5
    Arm Wrestling -bottom half of top screen and top half of bottom screen only show. Announcer's voice sounds horrid! Would be playable if not for the two screen thing 2/5
    Armored Car (set 1) - perfect 5/5
    Armored Car (set 2) - perfect 5/5
    ASO (Armored Scrum Object) - Horribly garbled/corrupt background graphics, completely wrong colors, slightly playable 2.5/5.
    Avengers (set 1) - horribly corrupt graphics, graphic trash everywhere, displays an error when starting up and cannot insert coins, eventually resets in an infinite loop. 0/5
    Avengers (set 2) same as avengers (set 1) 0/5
    Bad Dudes vs Dragonninja - plays great 5/5
    Black Dragon - perfect 5/5
    Black Tiger - no sound but otherwise perfect 4/5
    Bobble Bobble - perfect with sound 5/5 (if you aren't getting any sound try reseting and playing again, sometimes weird glitches occur after playing many games consecutively)
    Dark Seal - no music or se, just voices, intro is black you must insert a coin at the black screen to be able to play otherwise perfectly playable 3/5
    Eggs - perfect 5/5
    Electric Yo-Yo (set 1) - cannot get past the language selection screen .5/5
    Electric Yo-Yo (set 2) same as set 1
    Fantasy Zone - no sound, corrupt graphics, it would be playable if you could see anything in the actual playing field 1/5.
    Fantasy - music does not sound good, screen jumps sometimes 3.5/5
    Frogger (set 1) music a bit slow at the start, but otherwise perfect 4.5/5
    Galactic Warriors - perfect 5/5
    Gardia - doesn't work 0/5
    Gauntlet - screen too big, announcers voice too quiet, otherwise perfect 4.5/5
    Gauntlet - same as Gauntlet 2 4.5/5
    Gemini Wing - Music very loud, seems a little slow 4.5/5
    Gladiator - seems perfectly fine 5/5
    Golden Star - screen too big, but otherwise perfect 4.5/5
    Great Swordsman - no sound but otherwise perfect 4/5.
    Gunsmoke (World) - perfect 5/5
    King of Dragons (World) - screen too big, plays great, sound seems perfectly fine 4.5/5
    Lady Bug - perfect 5/5
    Legendary Wings (US set 1) great speed, perfect 5/5
    Mad Gear - Road nothing but huge, blue and black blocks, sound cuts in and out, screen too big, not too playable 2.5/5
    Magic Sword (World) - good speed; sounds fine 4/5
    Marble Madness (set 1) - black screen 0/5
    Mega Man - The Power Battle (Asia) - great sound, great speed, perfect 5/5.
    Mr. Do (Universal) - perfect 5/5
    Naughty Boy - Intro messed up, but otherwise great 4.5/5
    Nemo (World) - Screen too big, but otherwise plays great 4.5/5
    Ninja Gaiden - sound is a bit muffled, a little slow 4/5
    Omega Race - screen too big, but is otherwise very playable 4.5/5
    Pop Flamer - perfect 5/5
    Psychic 5 - perfect 5/5
    Q*Bert (US) - perfect 5/5
    Qix - can't get past the language selection screen .5/5
    Quiz & Dragons (US) - plays great 5/5
    Qwak (prototype) - sound is a bit rough seems to play ok 4/5
    Reactor - perfect 5/5
    Red Alert - Static sound in background throughout the whole game otherwise great 4/5
    Red Baron - Very Slow, everthing thing else is fine though 3.5/5
    Renegade (US) - garbled graphics after title, screen randomly jumps and background does not concide with actual objects,, if you let it go through one demo play it will freeze whenever you start a game, unplayable 1/5
    Rygar (US Set 1) perfect 5/5
    Section Z - perfect 5/5
    Shinobi - Weird green blocks at title otherwise great 4.5/5
    Star Trek - screen too big, no sound, plays good 4/5
    Strider (US) - some slowdown and flickering otherwise great 4/5
    Super Pac-Man (Midway) - perfect 5/5
    Super Punch Out - similiar condition as Arm Wrestling, except the colors are completely wrong, graphics are badly corrupted and it eventually crashes. .5/5
    SWAT - perfect 5/5
    TMNT (4 Players USA) - sound seems a bit off, but otherwise is great - 4.5/5
    Tapper (Budweiser) - screen way too big making it not very playable 2/5
    Tapper (Rootbeer) - same as Tapper (Budweiser) 2/5
    Tenchi o Kurau (Japan) no slowdown, very good 5/5
    Tetris (set 1) - perfect 5/5
    The Real Ghostbusters (2 player) - near perfect 4.5/5
    The Real Ghostbusters (3 player) - near perfect 4.5/5
    The Tin Star When you try to start a game it goes back to the intro as if you didn't even put any coins in it .5/5
    Three Wonders (US) - screen too big, but plays perfectly fine 4.5/5.
    Toki no Senshi - perfect 5/5.
    Tron (set 1) - screen way too big hindering playability 2/5
    Turtles - perfect 5/5.
    UN Squadron - same as Area 88 4/5
    Warriors of Fate (World) - Tenchi o Kurau (Japan) 5/5
    Wrestle War - screen rotated by 90 degrees, decapitated wrestlers, a little graphic corruption, somewhat playable 3.5/5
    Xain'd Sleena - a bit slow, but otherwise great 4/5
    Zoo Keeper (set 1) - Cannot get past the "Location Name" screen .5/5

    Also, the volume of the sound in each game I have tried is unbalanced, some are way too loud while others are very quiet. Accurate sound sometimes causes sound not to play and other times makes it sound even worse

    I might be back with more later.

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