News/release from funkystuff

I have finished my first real sort of game. I was too lazy to build a main menu or such or an ending but what i have here for you is my game of BrickBlox that I have built off the example I posted earlier. Source code is still useful but you will need to use your own makefile for whatever version of PAlib you are using.

Touch the ball to release it.
Use touch screen to control paddle.
Press R or L to launch a rocket.

I hope I see cool expansions from making this game open source with the rest of you. If you make any cool maps let me know so I can add them to my own version or include them on any updates.

How the bricks are loaded are through a map and tiles as you can see in the files. You can have a maximum of 80 bricks in 1 stage; any more and they will not load as a safety procedure by the game. Use the maps already created to get a reference of how they are made.

Hope you have fun with this!

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