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Thread: Crimson Fields 0.5.2DC

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    Dreamcast Crimson Fields 0.5.2DC

    Another release for the Dreamcast from the IberDC Team:

    Factory Team IberDC ports continues to bear fruit, and this time Neoblast and Indiket you have a new port to a different game: Crimson Fields.

    Crimson Fields is a game of war turns. You can play against the CPU or a human using a single controller.

    Author: Jens Granseuer
    Web: Crimson Fields
    License: GNU GPL

    The game uses the SDL library and its derivatives (SDL_image, SDL_mixer, and SDL_ttf freetype). It is written in C + + with several dynamic and casting a lot of classes xD.

    Options have been disabled because the network can not operate in the dreamcast.

    Controls: (Highly recommended to use a mouse)
    Analog: Move pointer
    B: Select
    Start menu in the game

    In return, you can activate the Castilian language in the game (Options menu).

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Please tell me how to burn this game to a disk

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    I would recomend first to try the game in an emulator before burning to a disk.

    Inside the zip file there is a bin folder, that's the game for the dreamcast. You can create a .cdi image with Bootdreams, and then try on an emu or burn it.

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    Thanks for your help. This is a great game with nice visuals. I just finished my first skirmish and got over run by the comp.
    The only problem is that the units are too small and when there a lot of units together its tough to tell which is a tank or anit air and the energy bar is hard to see too. I dont have a keuboard/mouse so its takes some time to get adjusted.

    This game needs to add zoom option or bigger units. Custom buttons for controller will be nice. My music is not working maybe i burtnt it wrong.
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    I don't remember if there is a zoom option in the menu game, maybe not. You can ask them on the forums of Crimson fields.

    There is no music in Crimson field, so don't worry

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