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    psp DimTheLights v.55

    News/release from Jake

    DimTheLights v.55
    For those of those new to this. This pluign is an attempt to remove ur psp as a light source.
    1. Use it more likely in school without getting caught.
    2. Use it in church if your religious enough and have disrespect.
    3. Use it in bed b4 bed so u don't blind yourself to sleep.
    4. New Hotkey so u can use it as iR Remote in iRShell without screen. Also use it as a Mouse with no screen in PSPVNC and PSPDISP or just shut off the screen

    5. Hey, it can even save battery!.... ha

    The new DimTheLights plugin updated to v.5 offers a new screen feature.

    This plugin:
    Sets PSP Volume to 0 on startup.
    Turns off LEDs
    Stops UMD Drive on startup
    Dims the backlight as far as it will go. [Phat and Slim differentiate]
    When coming back from standby, the LEDs will remain off.

    If you would like to play a game. You may hold L Trigger on startup of psp and it will not disable umd, but you can re-enable it with the hotkey. Just an added feature

    Hot key Left Trigger and Note will enable the leds and put the brightness to normal visa versa.
    Hot key Left Trigger and Volume Down will disable the UMD drive while in any mode (XMB, Game, Pops)
    Hot key Left Trigger and Volume Up will re-enable the UMD driver, allowing the use of your UMD games/videos.

    Hot key L+R+O Will shut the screen off and will not come back on until hotkey is pressed allowing u to use as mouse and remote as mentioned.

    If launched game from UMD; Plugin will not disable the umd drive thus not crashing.

    []New in v.4[]
    The UMD features now work perfectly.
    All game glitches (random button pressing) has been worked out.
    No more UMD load crashes.

    []New in v.5[]
    Screen Feature

    []New in v.55[]
    **Screen Feature Fixed**

    [Added Note]
    If someone can help me figure out button patching/disabling id appreciate it.
    my aim = lJakel (LJAKEL)

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Thanks to Jake this does several things I've been using more than one plugin for - although pspcomic shuts down my slim on exit - just testing phat - same problem.

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