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Thread: Operation Libra 19/08/09

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    NDS Operation Libra 19/08/09

    B12 Core has updated his release in the Neoflash Summer Coding Comp:

    Operation Libra is not a demo. It is a full version of the game.

    Originally made in Actionscript for an in-school class, the game was originally named Entrapment. Over the course of a month, the art and game engine were created in Flash and was later used for the intended project. However, a month after, I decided to port this onto the DS and see how it would go. Within 3 weeks, the game was ported onto the DS with extra features that were not previously included in the original Flash project.

    Although Operation Libra is an "escape the room game", the plot revolves the character escaping out of a mansion, with 9 rooms in total. There are 52 objects to examine, many of them interactive and required to escape out of the mansion. Every pixel of the environment art was designed by B12CORE and drawn by ALGraphics. The art was originally sized at 720 x 480, but was reduced to 256 x 192 in order to fit the DS proportions.

    If you are playing this on an emulator, you will be unable to save or load files. Saving and loading is a feature exclusive only to actual hardware. However, you can save and load states.

    Heres whats new in latest version

    New revision out now:

    - Pressing A substitutes the magnifying glass button.
    - Pressing B substitutes the back button.
    - Pressing A in the talk menu substitutes the Use button.
    - Pressing X in the talk menu substitutes the Enter button.
    - Pressing Y in the talk menu substitutes the Force button. .

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

    Also give the coder some feedback over at the neoflash site too at the link above.

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    Your game sounds challenging but unfortunately it freezes on loading on my DS I am using slot 1 R4 Card with the necessary software. On choosing the game from the menu, the upper screen informs that it is loading but the bottom screen is blank. I have installed the game on my Pc using the No$Gba emulator and it works fine. Please help.

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