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Thread: Review: Nyko Screen Armor PSP

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    psp Review: Nyko Screen Armor PSP

    Nyko Screen Armor PSP
    Manufacturer: Nyko
    Site: Buy from Nyko / Product Sheet
    Price: $9.99

    Overview : Protect the most important part of the PSP with the stylish, easy-to-use Screen Armor from Nyko. The Screen Armor is a detachable brushed aluminum screen protector that attaches to the face of the PSP using two locking clips. The foldable clips allow for an easy, secure fit while providing convenient storage while not in use. The Screen Armor’s design also leaves the action buttons, the d-pad and headphone jack free so you can take advantage of the PSP’s MP3 playback abilities while still protecting the screen. The rubberizes underside of the screen armor helps protect your PSP from scratches, dust, dirt and fingerprints as well as providing slip free protection for the PSP’s 4.3 inch display. The design of the Screen Armor compliments the PSP and is sure to turn heads.

    Features :
    • Protects your PSP display without adding bulk
    • Soft neoprene inner lining
    • PSP buttons and headphone jack still accessible for playing MP3s
    • Easy on/easy off - custom design locks into place, and folds flat for compact storage
    • Designed to fit most carrying cases
    • Foldable clips for easy storage

    It also features :
    • Aluminum Construction - The Aluminum construction provides long lasting protection
    • Lightweight - Lightweight materials add no bulk or weight to the PSP
    • Rubberized Interior - The rubberized underside keeps dust, dirt and fingerprints from collecting
    • Functional Design - Protects the screen while still allowing use of the buttons for playing mp3s.

    Quality/Usability : The design of the Screen Armor is pretty simple. It has an aluminum front with rubber interior and clips onto the front of the PSP with two little flaps on the top and bottom. The top flap has two little nubs that fit into the screw holes, the bottom has a nub that sits in the screw hole and both fit in behind the little silver ring around the PSP.

    The product itself looks great with the polished aluminum front (although I prefer it to be black - matches the system). The construction of it is pretty solid and doesn’t take much damage from anything.

    Once the Screen Armor is on, there’s really no way to get it off besides lifting on one of the flaps. It’s pretty safe to say that if you had it in your backpack or pocket, you dont have to worry about it moving around or popping off. The Screen Armor definitely protects the screen. With it on, the screen is protected like Fort Knox, while the rest of the PSP is left to the outside world and ready to be molested by dust, fingerprints and potential scratches. So dont expect this to protect your PSP from the devil. This only protects the screen...hence the name "SCREEN Armor".

    Conclusion : Overall, this does a great job at what its suppose to do. If you're looking for a complete protection of your PSP, look else where as this only protects your PSP screen.

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