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Thread: Review: Capdase AUMI Professional UMD Lens Guard

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    psp Review: Capdase AUMI Professional UMD Lens Guard

    Capdase AUMI Professional UMD Lens Guard
    Manufacturer: Capdase
    Site: Buy from Capdase
    Price: $4.99

    Overview : Protects UMDs from scratching, scraping and abrasion.

    Features :
    • Against scratching, scraping & abrasion.
    • Protects the front & back from fingerprints.
    • Removable without leaving residuary mark.

    Quality/Usability : This is a great product for those who are anal or scared of damaging their expensive UMD movies or games. These clear stickers will protect the clear part of the UMD from scratches, abrasions even fingerprints. Each package contains (1) front and (1) back.

    Applying this would be the same way you would apply a screen protector onto your PSP.

    Conclusion : Unfortunately, its very expensive. It only comes with (1) front and (1) back. If it was reusable, it would be better.
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    My PSP's lens actually conked out at one point from scratches, so I recommend this product.

    Then it fixed itself, so I unrecommend this product.
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