Bloody hell the releases keep on coming

News/release from mootjeuh

that's right! finally, after weeks of work, I've progressed just a little bit xD
I've made some to changes to the lib so that it loads faster and added some functions. I've tried to work on the intraFont functions, they are all done (after all, they're just like 5-6) but don't seem to work, even though everything compiles well. All right, here's the changelog:

Improved speed
New way of coding
Ability to load other PRXs
vsh_iLoad was added, used to load an image
vsh_blit was fixed just a little bit, it sucks less than the previous one though :P
vsh_putPixel was added
vsh_drawLine was added
vsh_message was fixed
vsh_intraFont functions were added, but don't work

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