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Thread: Review: Logic3 2.1 Sound System

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    psp Review: Logic3 2.1 Sound System

    Logic3 2.1 Sound System
    Manufacturer: Logic3
    Site: Buy from Logic3
    Price: $79.99

    Overview : Logic3 Sound System, a combined portable 2.1 speaker system and recharging docking-station designed exclusively for Sony’s PSP to create a ‘mini theatre’ to play movies or music.

    This system produces astounding sound using a high class amplifier, deep bass sub-woofer and 3D surround-sound circuitry to pack a punch more powerful than its compact size suggests. Includes mains adaptor, carry-case and line-in cable.

    Features :
    • 2.1 Sub-woofer Speaker System
    • 12 Watts RMS
    • Operates from AC Adaptor (included) or Batteries 4xAA (not included)
    • Internal 3D surround sound processor
    • Docking station for PSP re-charging
    • Blue soft-light illumination
    • 3.5mm Stereo line-in for playing other audio devices like MP3, MD, CD player. etc
    • Dimensions: 104 x 278 x 38mm (H x W x D)
    • Weight - 550g
    • 3.5mm Stereo Line-in (Cable provided) to allow gameplay , or play back of other audio devices including MP3, CD player, MiniDisc etc.
    • Carry Case for Sound System & PSP console.

    Subwoofer - 2.5” Woofer 4ohm :
    • 6 Watts RMS

    Satellite Speakers - 30mm full range speaker 4ohm :
    • Neodymium aluminium speaker cones
    • 6 Watts RMS

    Control features :
    • Blue LED Power indicator
    • Volume up/down
    • Power on/off
    • 3D Surround Sound on/off

    Quality/Usability : As you can see, Logic3 used a folding design for portability and compactness. When the Sound System is unfolded from its compact form, the subwoofer (middle speaker) folds down and reveals the dock which includes headphone jack and power jack. A big factor when it comes to using the Sound System to watch movies is that it comes with its own AC adaptor to power the speakers as well as charging the PSP at the same time. Another great feature is the in-line jack. If you're not using the Sound System for your PSP, you can hook up your iPod, MP3/CD player or audio device and use it as a speaker system.

    Now onto the audio. With the addition of the subwoofer, the bass is alot louder. The sound is clear and crisp. The Sound System features a “3D” button that sends sound to a processor that causes it to have a surround sound effect, which works nicely. Just like any portable speaker system, its not suppose to be as your main sound system so dont expect to be using this at a party or anything. Putting the speakers to the max does distort the sound a little but at the same time, is very loud.

    As this is a portable speaker, whats another way to power the speakers? Of course, batteries. The speakers take four (4) AA batteries, which arent included. I tested the speakers to see how long they will last. Mind you, I tested them on and off whenever I need them. Battery life running on 4xAA batteries is approximately 15-20 hours. This outlasts your PSP and probably even your MP3 player.

    Conclusion : Overall, this is a pretty good portable speaker system especially with the subwoofer. With this, your PSP experience would not be the same. The battery life is excellent, the compatibility of using other audio devices with these speakers are great and the nice sleek look is a PLUS. Only thing hampering this product from getting a 10 out of 10 is the size. Its so HUGE. Not to mention the HUGE price tag it comes with, $79.99. It would of been better if it included a remote. I can only dream right? So if you're in the market for portable speakers and have the extra cash to dish out, I suggest taking a peek at this.

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