The DS stayed atop the Japanese hardware chart this week, with combined sales of both the DS Lite and DSi more than doubling its closest rival, the Wii.

The handheld console sold 95,957 units in total - 7921 of which were of the older DS Lite. Nintendo's Wii meanwhile, hit second place in the chart with 47,732 units sold.

PlayStation Portable sales were up slightly on last week - totalling 39,882 compared to 33,893 last week.

A significant increase was also recorded in Xbox 360 sales, which saw a 69 per cent rise to 9162 units this week.

Ahead of the PlayStation 3's price cut at the start of September - Sony isn't applying the price reduction in Japan until the slim version launches - sales of the console remained stable at 5944 compared to 5826 last week.

The full Media Create Japanese hardware chart for the week ending August 16 is as follows:

01 Nintendo DS - 95,957
02 Nintendo Wii - 47,732
03 PlayStation Portable - 39,882
04 Xbox 360 - 9162
05 PlayStation 3 - 5944
06 PlayStation 2 - 4907