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Thread: SEGA's Full Auto turns to PlayStation 3

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    ps3 SEGA's Full Auto turns to PlayStation 3

    News Via Gamesindustry

    SEGA of Europe has announced Full Auto 2: Battlelines for PlayStation 3 - marking a shift in platform focus for the burgeoning car combat franchise, which was formerly an Xbox 360 exclusive.

    According to the firm, Battlelines will build on the first game's time-rewind "Unwreck" feature, ratcheting up the levels of environmental destruction and the strategic role it plays.

    "The destructible environments in Full Auto 2: Battlelines are both stunning and strategic, especially in multiplayer combat," says SEGA of America's Scott A. Steinberg. "The gameplay innovations of tactical destruction and team multiplayer vehicular mayhem combined with the tremendous power of Sony's PlayStation 3 console makes this sequel truly the next generation of combat racing."

    Full Auto had been one of the Xbox 360's major early third-party exclusives, but following mixed reviews and a fairly weak chart showing SEGA's clearly reconsidered its focus and decided to try it out on Sony's next-generation format instead.

    As well as an expanded, 20-level single-player game, Battlelines will feature six multiplayer modes playable online - including team-play variants - as well as more than 20 weapons and cars.

    There's no word on when Full Auto 2 will launch, but it will be on display at E3 next week.

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    How come there's no Full Auto love for the Wii?

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