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Thread: Daedalus X64 rev.429 - Nintendo 64 Emulator for PSP

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    psp Daedalus X64 rev.429 - Nintendo 64 Emulator for PSP

    News via

    DaedalusX64 is a N64 Emulator for the Sony PSP.

    Changelog Revision 428 ==> Revision 429

    [+] Add a low battery warning, can be enabled on global settings (thanks Chilly Willy and Grazz for helping)
    [!] Add correct savetype to Fighter´s Destiny 2 (it boots now)
    [+] 13 games more will use DoubleDisplay (Thanks KingPepper for reporting them)
    [!] L3DEX will call F3DEX for the moment...
    [~] Fixed the ground on Fighting Force 64

    Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    awesome, glad to see the Daedalus team continuing to improve their work and churning out updates like this. Looking forward to trying it out

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