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Updated to handle SMD/BIn and directories
Sega Emulator Bodger version by Dack

Whats new:
1. Support for Bin and SMD files
2. Directory option for mass conversion
3. Icon changed on all the created EXEs to show a sonic
4. CLI version included - param1 = input name, param2 = output name
5. UPX packed to make exe smaller on disc

Whats good:
1. Doesn't require anything else to be installed to convert
2. ICON looks pretty

Whats bad:
1. Emulator is still not very good - this seems to be down to not implementing save states (you'll see what I mean if you try converting some of the adventure games e.g. Might and Magic) Region checking does not see to be an issue - as JUE works as well as J
2. You still need to reset to get out - this is down to the emulator code having checks for each key being pressed and only checking the usual 8 (D-Pad and play/ff/rew/stop) - no easy bodge to get an extra keypress check implemented

1. Choose File mode or directory mode (File Mode button)
2. Choose an input file/directory (Input button)
3. Choose an output file/directory (Output button)
4. Press Write button

If you are converting a load of files over in the directory mode and want to cancel then just press the EXIT button

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