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DedDinO_94 user of our forums and member dell'AplhaD3vTeam issue a new homebrew for your PSP developed in the programming language LUA. This is Media Player Engine, an audio player with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to play files format. Mp3,. Aa3 and. Ogg.
In track, in addition to changes made to this first release, you will find the complete list of commands to use and some screenshots of the program.

Changelog v1:


- A graphical interface simple and guessed
- A menu that includes the functions: Player, Settings, Credits, Exit
- A file browser written by 0
- Support for audio files MP3, AA3, OGG
- View all information about the audio file
- Sliding audio file with R and L
- Options to Pause / Play
- You have the following playback modes: Normal (when one song ends the next part), Repeat song, Random
- Free Mode Sleep Mode on End of Story
- Battery saving mode
- HB Available in 2 languages: ITA, ENG

- L and R Scrolling menus
- Up / Down Scroll through the files in the File Browser
- Left / Right Scroll files quickly in the File Browser

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