Critical Updated his Sega Master System emulator for the Gizmondo:

heres the info

<blockquote>GizSMS 0.2.0

Gizmondo port by critical of smsCE, which in turn is based on SMS Plus.

It emulates Sega Master System and Game Gear handheld consoles.

SMSPlus is licensed under GNU Generic Public License(GPL), as is GizSMS.
Source is available on request to the contact address below.

The original licence files and documentation may be found in the doc directory of
the zip file that this readme file came in.



Put GizSMS.exe in the root of your SD card, along with the included gx.dll
if you don't already have it.


ROMs must be in a directory called:


in the root of your SD Card.

GameGear games must have the extension '.gg'. Master System games must have the extension '.sms'


The joypad does what you'd expect. The other buttons are:

|> B
>> A

During emulation, the home key toggles main menu on and off, which will also
pause/resume the emulator.

Whilst in the main menu, the [] key exits back to the Gizmondo system.

Up and Down on the joypad in the main menu select the ROM, |> starts


Scaling for GameGear</blockquote>

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