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Thread: Super Mario Wars 1.6 DC

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    Default Super Mario Wars 1.6 DC

    Troy releases his DreamOn version of SMW.

    "Here is the version of SMW 1.6 that I did for the dreamcast dreamon contest last year, I finally found it

    download from my site


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    I can't burn a playable version of this release. The menu has choppy audio for me and then the game freezes a bit after I try to start it. If anyone has success please let me know how you did it . FYI, I tried DJ, Nero TAO and Nero DAO all made with bootdreams.

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    I too have the same problem. I am gonna try other methods and I will post here if they turn out to work good....

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    Does anyone know what's new about this version of SuperMarioWar? Just asking because I burnt this game not too long ago, and was just wondering it it's worth updating.

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    Here's some info from the SMW site. Looks to be quite an update. Not sure if all this is implemented or not.

    Here are the areas look especially close at:
    1) Background music configurations - try setting it up to use new music collections and music that plays on only certain backgrounds
    2) The effect of the respawn timer on gameplay
    3) In addition to these things, here are the fixes that went into this release so keep an eye out for bugs related to this stuff:

    - Fixed goomba collision detection
    - Fireballs die after 5 seconds
    - close button, Alt+enter, alt+f4 work on menu and in game
    - Configurable music playlists like the announcer and configurable music per background
    - Volume slider control on options menu for sound and music
    - A few more pipe pieces to use (single wide pieces as we're out of room for double wide ones)
    - "No spawn" areas on the map. Use the "x" key to add them.
    - Chicken is rewarded for killing other players
    - Goombas spawn more frequently
    - Mode values are saved on exit
    - Fixed bug on unfeeling map players fall through bottom but can end up on top of ceiling to right or left of hole
    - Players start out with stored powerups at the beginning of each level
    - All powerups are now available from powerup blocks
    - Collecting a bobomb, clock, bulletbill, or POW send it to your stored powerups
    - Configurable respawn timer
    - 1up adds constant score to domination, chicken, owned and tag
    - Jail mode bug fixes
    - No more spawning over nothing
    - Fixed crashing if more than 32 warps were on a map
    - Removed "Free Play" from tournament modes
    - Fixed tag mode bugs
    - CPU players use stored powerups
    - Fullscreen option is saved so you'll start in fullscreen next time

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    I know this post is very very old, but has anyone over time ever managed to get this working on DC, burned on a cdr, not through BBA?

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    I have a working versions somewhere on my DreamInducer CDs but I am not sure if it actually is v1.6.

    I would love to see an update of this port.

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    1.1 burns fine for DC. If you have a working 1.6, you should totally put a ready-to-burn image for download here. Everything I have read says people can get it to play to the title screen, then it freezes when you try to play a game, which are the results I experience as well.

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    I apologize for the three year necro-post, but this is important to me.

    I am having the same problems everyone else has been having, the title screen and all works but when trying to start a game it fails in the emulator on the console itself.

    I tried to compile it, but it gave me a fair amount of errors, all tied to SFONT.c and SFONT.h. The errors didn't make sense because everything appeared to be in order, so I think it my be compatibility issues, put I have tried the latest KOS version off of the svn and the version off of the DDE R1 cdi. Both produce the same exact results.

    Some people have mentioned that streaming the .elf file through their broadband adapter has been successful, then maybe it was a problem in the conversion from the elf to the bin file, is there a link to the .elf files anywhere.

    I love this game and playing it on my Dreamcast is awesome, but the old version has no support for AI, and I rarely have some one to play it with.

    Thank you.

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