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Thread: Check out our PSP Review Site

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    psp Check out our PSP Review Site

    Iazybandit has released what is one of the best new sites for the scene and that is a dedicated PSP Review site with professional reviews of PSP products, heres the reviews so far:

    Carry Cases
    Aero Case
    be.ez LArobe PSP
    Capdase Camouflage Case
    Capdase Crystal Clear Case
    Capdase Jean Case
    Capdase Leather S-Bracket Case
    Capdase Luxury Hard Case
    Capdase Nylon S-Bracket Case
    Capdase Twins Case
    iSkin Neo Case
    Krusell Leather Gamic Multiadapt
    MisticAudio OTG Series PSP Case
    PrimeCases S3 P-3000 Series
    PSP Core Case
    Slappa Hardbody Daily Case
    Slappa Hardbody Complete Case
    Waterfield Gear Pouch
    Waterfield Mini Gear Pouch

    Rechargeable Battery Packs
    Large Capacity External Battery Pack w/Cliphook
    Power Bank 3
    PSP Rechargeable Grip
    PSP 3600mAh Battery Pack
    PSP 3800mAh External Battery Power Station
    PSP 4800mAh Emergency Charger
    Thunder Power Pack (3600mAh)

    UMD Storage Items
    Capdase AUMI Professional UMD Lens Guard
    Capdase Deluxe UMD Protective Case
    Nyko Pocket Case
    UMD Card Storage Vertical Stand

    Intec Sound System
    Intec Recharging Dock w/USB Charge Cable
    Logic3 2.1 Sound System
    Logic3 Sound Grip
    Smart Charging Dock

    Capdase Power Travel Kit
    iPorter xSD
    Neo-PSP Pad 8in1
    Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2
    Nyko Screen Armor PSP
    PSP Flexible Hand Grip Pad
    PSP Wireless Headphones
    Universal Windshield Holder (360 degree Rotatable)

    That is a fantastic amount of reviews check them all out at The Review Site

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    Wow, there's a lot of nice reviews there!

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    THANKS! If you have your own reviews, feel free to post them here ( Got an eye on something and want a review? Post them here ( All comments and suggestions are welcome! (

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