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News/release from Delca

WTN is a platform game, that's all.
This is my second project, but I'll try to wear a little farther than the first.
The hero, named Cube (because originally it was a cube, and I have not changed the name) can absorb certain items for use later as a key example.

How to play?
A - Jump.
B - "Draw" the object on which you are (key for now).
X maintained - Attack (as key) - Turning a door (still red square).
Start - Metter game paused.
Netherlands - Falling for a stable platform.
A + B + X + Y + L + R + Up + Down + Left + Right + Start + Select - Skip an idiot who pushes all the buttons on his DS.

30/08/2009 - First public release, still in beta.

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