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Thread: Sony Say Goodbye to the Bananarang PS3 Controller

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    ps3 Sony Say Goodbye to the Bananarang PS3 Controller

    Via t3

    So what can we expect? Well, there’s been an overwhelmingly negative reaction to the design we’ve already seen, with many critics attacking it for being a prime example of style over substance – so we reckon we’ll see a more ergonomic, friendlier shape.

    And let’s face it: the Dual Shock controller (itself an evolved PS1 joypad) is a design classic, so Sony could do a lot worse than trot out a slightly modified version of that. The eight-way D-pad could be swapped with an analogue stick, and a port for a headset could be added, but apart from that there’s little wrong with the existing design.

    The controller will certainly be wireless, and we’ve heard one or two murmurs that suggest some kind of motion sensitivity might find its way in – a nod to Nintendo and its radical, revolutionary Wii controller, perhaps?

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    Sony will most likely rip off everything Nintendo. They always do, I wouldnt be surprised if the new PS3 pad comes out and looked like a silver remote control.

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