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Thread: Selfboot Inducer News From DCStuff and burnerO

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    Default Selfboot Inducer News From DCStuff and burnerO

    After a long discussion with burnerO, DCStuff has learned that he is beginning work on the next Selfboot Inducer. The staff at DCStuff is very excited to announce this news.[br]In addition, burnerO has developed a new template for DreamInducer themes, so that artists no longer need to deal with coding XML files.[br]To help promote the new template, and the development of the next Selfboot Inducer, burnerO, in conjunction with DCStuff, is holding a contest to find the next "default" theme for Selfboot Inducer. More information can be found in the official topic in the News Board of the DCStuff forums.

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    Default Re: Selfboot Inducer News From DCStuff and burnerO

    I also want to add that, if you do not feel like visiting the DCStuff Forums, or if there ever happen to be problems with the DCStuff Forums, you can find the contest information on the Official DCStuff SBT Contest Page
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    yeay burner0!

    Visit his site at SBIFFY

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