Smealum has released an entry into the Scenery Beta 2009

We are pleased to bring to you another new entry to the Scenery Beta 2009. On this occasion it is a great first person shooter Quake type that has a good pint. Good graphics, good ambience ... has every incentive to please even the most reluctant to this kind of games.

Author, smealum (of infectous), graphics Wolf.

Well no need to explain the gameplay of shooter in first person, subjective view, 3D graphics, gunshots. We are all more or less familiar with these types of games that have great depth among users of any console. Explain that this game is not exactly the typical "disparaatodoloquesemueva" since the creator as Programmers wishing I had a style more given to the infiltration, ie go unnoticed, so it will have some variant on the most typical of genre.

Concerning the use of individual capabilities of the NDS can say that have great potential in this section, use the two screens, the top screen shows the game in classic style and will touch access to view and select the weapon (only two available at the moment) in use and we use a wide area of the screen to accurately direct gaze and the sight of our avatar. The control is pretty tight, with special mention of the possibility of managing total for left-handed users and the ambience is quite well achieved through a surround Meter us squarely in the action. For now only includes two mapped.

Tested on the following Flashcards and firmwares:
FlashCard iTouchDS with 3.2e firmware (test of Staff)
SuperCard DSONEi (takes a few minutes to boot with blank screen)
The author reports Acekard 2/2i problems (recommended to upgrade the firmware)
Possible problems in R4, the game is necessary within a folder.

If you have a combination of Flashcard-Firmware that does not go on the list do not hesitate to test it and see if it worked or not. Gladly be added to the news.

Stylus: Movement of the eyes / sight of the avatar / Change Weapon / Open doors by pressing the button at the bottom right (obviously everything on the touch screen)
Pad / Buttons: Scroll
Gstillo L / R: Shooting
START: Pause

The improvements the coder for this version included in the Scenery 2009 are as follows:

Various improvements in textures.
Improved Sound FX (sound effects).
Modified the music of the second mapping.
Added two new effects on the gun.
Improved first mapped.
Added aletoriedad in the shooting to be more realistic.
Fixed several bugs in previous version.

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