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    NDS Grow RPG 2

    News via Scenebeta

    A rare gem in the world of the scene are the RPG, in which the goal is to raise your level a warrior, building, etc.. to overcome the game and be the best. That is this homebrew: we have to put all objects on the globe every shift. Depending on the order in which they say, we will defeat (or not) to the final monster. The originality of the game is that our hero is Link. Also participated in the Coding Compo 2007.

    Thanks to this fantastic 4n4bol by approaching RPG.

    Author: Campanile

    The game is based on a "shift preparation, we began by selecting an object to appear in their proper place on the planet. Then the red devil will use your turn. Below I list what you can do the devil with his turn. Then, at each turn the objects already in the stage (the devil's included) level up, train and increase the benefits you can give.

    One of the curiosities of homebrew is able to record your scores on the web via Wi-Fi. Pasaos occasionally to see what you are ranking position.

    Also another highlight of the game is its music, with only 5 music tracks are very catchy, I've been playing all day and I still have not tired.

    Tactics of the devil:
    These are the wiles of the devil to not come to it. Always performed in the same order, so do not be hard to "anticipate their movements."

    Hit the floor opening great cracks. It will do this for five turns.
    Invoke a purple monster.
    Invoking a blue monster.
    Invoke a yellow monster.
    Objects to use:
    These are the objects to be made available. In them all, Link will use them accordingly in the order in which you put and how they evolved.

    The tree will create a small forest that will grow in size. At its peak level will be a cabin in the woods and a blue tree with fruit on the side.
    The stairs will take you to a cavern with two chests. If after the purple dragon attack the castle is still intact, you can access the second chest with a key that will give you at the castle, and containing a stone.
    The store will help you to buy various objects. At its peak level you will have a dock to access the blue tree on the island. Link buy things depending on the coin no bearing on it.
    The stone will create a pile of rubble at the side of the planet. In its latest surround level to the stairs.
    The hood can be opened only at its highest level, which is on a mountain with a stone on the road. Link will open it if you have the bomb.
    The castle contains an army inside. At maximum gain in the battle against the dragon, as long as the stairs are already on the map. If still intact, into some money and get the key to the second box of the stairs.
    The sea water become cracks created by the devil, and keep creating them continue, letting you do nothing until the sixth turn.
    The tower contains a chest with diverse content. Every time I get up from one floor level. At the zenith find a shield.
    And that's all. Depending on the order in which the marquéis, you will obtain more or less success in your crusade.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    I guess that this comes from a Google Translator since "pasaos" is there.

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