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New entry to our Scenery Beta 2009 and again a contribution of high quality as we are accustomed in this great community, a very complete shell (no more to do the tutorial assistant in the news, thanks to the author) has all the pint of becoming another of our private indispensable Memory Stick. Destactables Functions: savedata download from the PSP itself, able to return to the shell to exit with HOME from any submenu and multimedia capabilities.

Author: Geniux

Have you ever dreamed of having a XMB developed by and for the scene that suits all our needs?, Then cease to dream because we present in this community exclusively for homebrew Geniux developed by simulating to perfection the Sony's XMB menu . Among its salient features are the ability to return to the shell after running a homebrew, the UMD, Internet browser, the UMD ... without having to exit to the XMB, also has a "small" utility, which will allow us GNX Store download (inter alia) savedata of our games, which will delight all those who (like me) want to have all levels of their game because they have completed upgrading the firmware disabled (or because we enjoy ourselves too lazy) . At the moment only available around 100 saves with its various regions are available, but this figure will increase over a week.

The homebrew menu has a very similar function and aesthetics to the XMB so it is very easy and familiar management. The purpose of using a menu such lies in order to access the content with greater ease and fluidity, without having to remember complicated key combinations or worry about the size of the icons when you change the subject.

The GNX has the features of the XMB functions which we discuss in their ranks:

Network Update: This option will allow us to have the GNX always updated to the latest version of the system without using the computer or use decompressors all from a single click.
USB connection: What sets this option which has the psp "series" is that we can move freely through the shell while copying files to the Memory Stick. It also has the option to change the device to UMD, with the push of square appear at the right of the display a context menu very similar to the XMB where we can change Divide choosing from Memory Stick or UMD .*
* Not included the ability to access the internal memory (flash0, flash1 ...) via USB, in order to prevent a user accidentally install or remove files from the flash, thereby causing Brick.
System Information: This allows us to see clearly and quickly all the information related to the temperature of the battery, or the number of hours remaining and more.
System Settings: Trying to keep the style Sony menu, setup menu keeps that idea, letting you configure your shell and see Software information GNX. It should be noted that in order to access the context menu to change the settings, you need to press square, thus avoiding unwanted change options.
Adjustments of items: Here we can change the theme of the shell very easily and without $#@!bersome processes copy (or move) files, just select the desired theme and this will be installed at the time. * The creation of the themes is very simple, only we put the new icons in the folder "Icons" with the same name as the folder "Default". Being able to post new items so others enjoy them.
From here we can access our collection of images found on the route PSP / PHOTO, where we can move from one to another with ease using the triggers R and L. (When we are viewing an image)
The image editor is not available in this version of the program, but it is noteworthy that this function is in its final phase of development, which will not be added to the shell until it is fully optimized, so will be available in the next version.
-The player supports various formats such as ogg, mp3 uni among many others. It is noteworthy that the mp3 player has a playback system similar to that of Sony, based in EQs that the user can change the one you like more with great comfort while playing mp3's. We also have the option of saving energy, which reduce the CPU speed to increase battery life. It also has the ability to visualize data such as artist, album and more. And all from the comfort that it provides a menu of options is activated by pressing square. We may also minimize our playback at any time by pressing Select, to move freely through the Shell and return to the player at the push start. This is very useful for music lie chatting with your friends using Ad hoc eg.

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