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With this new game we have gotten many tickets to Scenery Beta 2009, with efforts like the one made by the developer is applied as is enjoyed homebrew: a lovely game of reflexes, in which the planet Echeri must dodge asteroids. We especially liked the animation of the planet as we move fun.

Author: fco_otaku.

The game is in an early version, so we are several points to improve, but that does not qualify for a good time playing with our PSPs, the mechanism is very simple, we will have to dodge the meteors that appear on screen our character, which is none other than the planet Echeri, which names the game, always trying to get our power not to ever get off the zero points, complicating all this is going slowly as we go forward as meteorites iran level each time pass faster and closer to us, difficult as possible for the game not achieve our goal.

This homebrew has yet to polish some aspects, including music, collisions and some other bug, though none of this tarnishes the good work of the coder with this contribution.

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