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    psp SaveTheCastle

    News via Scenebeta

    You like shooters? If you like this game you love, for the purpose of this is to protect our castle of evil monsters trying to destroy it, for this will have a weapon and infinite ammo for them to pieces. This game involved in the Scenerybeta 2009, and brings interesting improvements in this new version.

    Author: rubenelportero (coder from the Community).

    SaveTheCastle, as its name suggests is to save our castle of evil monsters who want to destroy it, for it will have our gun with infinite munción them to kill them all. The game features 20 levels and more than acceptable graphics, also points system, so we know how well we play along.

    The game has 20 levels.
    It features score.
    The difficulty is progressive.
    D-Pad: move through the options.
    X: Select option.
    Stick-up: We move the spotlight.
    X: We fired.
    R: Reload.
    Start: Pause.

    * Level 2 of the game.

    Improved version 1.5
    Updates itself on-line from the homebrew.
    New mode "book bingo".
    Changed menu graphics.
    I have given a touch of "cartoon" (play it and you will realize: P).
    In the pause is not only "break" now have a sub-menu to return to the game or exit the menu.
    10 levels more.
    2 monsters more.
    Added difficulty (to levels that Taban and facts).
    Credits to date (well, no longer fit me more! XD).
    Reconditioned many internal bugs in the structure very important.
    Removed background "day" and added a new wallpaper (surprise: P).
    Improved graphics of the castle can not be better! (what you wanted!).
    Improved graphics look: P.
    Fixed pause bug.
    Fixed bug when you lose.
    Fixed bug in level 19 and 20 the initial score was setting to 0.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    man i love this website, only just found out about it
    oh yeah and cool game.

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