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I present an application used to download and install all the homebrews directly on your PSP. It connects to, and to download applications, games and emulators and install them without using a computer. It's like installotron of Fanjita obsolete, but in Spanish and compatible for PSP Slim and Fat. Say also that won the Scenery Beta 2008, in section Applications PSP and has reached the top of the applicable section of the NeoFlash Spring Compo, especially thanking this community have formed as a programmer with LUA programming tutorials. This version 2.18 introduces the Scenery Beta 2009. Will consechando successes? That depends on your vote.

Author: carlosgs

Users who have installed the version 220 or above, must manually update to the newest version 221, because the server used by previous versions does not work.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The language is selected in main menu and each time you start the wifi for the first time for updates.

ATTENTION: I strongly recommend making a backup of your most important files (never has happened, but just in case).

Card with enough space for the program and download the files you want.
Present functions:
Search entries.
Displays a short description of the homebrew.
Displays the text of the news.
Checks for the latest version custom firmware.
Download and install your favorite homebrew.
The future:

Check mail from Gmail.

Versions programmed in C:

Version 2.21:
After the server disappear unexpectedly, I have released this version 221 with using my own server. When the server brought back online, users of previous version (220) can upgrade to the newest version. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
For now you can not move from version 2.20 to 2.21 if not descargais hand, because the server does not work.

Author's Note: Sometimes nothing is installed because the file extraction fails. Please, those who try to tell me which fail, to go making a list. There are people who do not work well connected, it hangs them. Who will pass, please comment it below.

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