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The game of 5 errors, Nintendo DS version. Two game modes, 3 difficulty modes, and all this completely free courtesy of your servant.

Here is the first version of the game, stamped 1.0 and works for right-handers like southpaws.

Compatibility has been tested with full-linker (SCDSONE / itouch / MK-R6 / R4 / M3Simply / Edge / CycloDSEvolution), and I thank all those who participated in this test.

This game is before us through a collaboration between Kukulcan and Tiwaz (I am \ o /).

A little indulgence is my first program Nintendo DS finished for real (for the curious, there is a demo of a game even easier to train, and when I arrived on the forum). I never found time to make / finish a complete game for our console and That was repaired and I thank so much Kukulcan which motivated me a lot.

If the game interesting in the world, version 2.0 might appear, with images of video games (it's related to us), and above all a Wifi mode for duels. This method, originally planned, has been forgotten for lack of time for NeoCompo.

Thank you in advance for your feedback

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