danabnormal has released a new game written in Lua for the PSP, heres the info:

This game is based on the *nix game GnoBots.

RobotsEngine is designed to allow custom artwork, text and sounds to be loaded as Packs to form the basis of a Robots-type game. The included, default game is drac-o-bots.

Although much of the engine is complete, it still does not support an easy way of loading custom tilesets, etc for your own game - please be patient, or failing that, you can have a look at the source and it should be pretty straightforward to figure out.

This is my first Lua app, and is the first game I've ever actually tried to code - I'm still learning, but if you're thinking about trying to code in Lua I can recommend this type of game as your first steps. Its not complex, has no AI, but you'll get used to the language and the way it works.

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