Via Gamesindustry

Sony's PlayStation 3 controller, a new version of the beloved DualShock, will not include a rumble function, the company has confirmed. The device will instead feature a full motion-sensing system.

The controller will sport a "six-axis sensing system" according to Sony - three for roll, pitch and yaw, and three for "3 dimension acceleration information" along the X, Y and Z axes.

DualShock 2's rumble feature has been dropped, says Sony, as the vibration "interferes with information detected by the sensor".

Other features of the controller include Bluetooth functionality for linking to the console itself. The L2 and R2 buttons have been enlarged, and now have "increased depth in stroke for more subtle control in games". The angle of the two joysticks has been slightly broadened.

The controller also features a USB port for wired control and charging. According to Sony, the cable can be attached and detached at any time, presumably during play.

The new DualShock incarnation replaces the "boomerang" prototype Sony showed at last year's E3 when first announcing PlayStation 3 itself.

The announcement of the controller last night was one in a lengthy series, which included prices and release dates for the console in all territories. The system will launch in Japan on November 11th, followed by US and European launches occurring simultaneously six days later on November 17th. The US Dollar and Euro prices correspond exactly with the 20GB model priced at USD 499 / EURO 499, while the 60GB model is USD 599 / EURO 599.