While Ratchet & Clank was all a wee bit cutey (you know what we mean), its developer's PS3 newie - Resistance: Fall Of Man - promises to blend "epic military action and unnerving horror" in a thoroughly believable world. Apparently. It almost sounds like a Friday night out in Romford.

A first-person shooter set for PS3, it pits joint Britain and U.S. forces against an unknown race of monsters, simply known as Chimera. The downside is that the buggers have been infecting us humans, and all of Europe has already fallen foul of its hideous curse.

It all smacks of a modern-day Doom-y in concept we think, with single-player, co-op and "one of the most complete multiplayer" online campaigns ever (2-32 players) for players to sink their gnashers into. There are also the promises of horrifying creatures, physics-based weaponry and playable vehicles. No release date as yet, mind.

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