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Thread: PS3s EyeToy The Future

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    ps3 PS3s EyeToy The Future

    Via Spong

    Eye of Judgment is the PS3 EyeToy camera-controlled card title for the PS3, and was the game which Phil Harrison so eagerly demonstrated at yesterdays E3 press conference.

    Sony are billing it as A new way to interact with the PlayStation 3Using the immense power of PlayStation 3, and the ground-breaking technology of the next generation camera, players can now enjoy a totally new genre in gaming.

    Its basically a 3D version of a trading card game, where the fantasy characters and monsters on the cards can be brought to life in full PS3 3D High Definition glory.

    Players use a 3 x 3 board and 'cybercode' encrypted trading cards - conquering the field by selecting a card and placing the 'cybercode' in front of the PS3s camera to make their cards come to life. The winner is the first player to capture five of the nine squares. Players get to choose from more than 30 cards, plus the game will feature ...unique online and offline gameplay."

    Whilst it was overshadowed somewhat by all the other major PS3 announcements yesterday, Eye of Judgement represents a real - dare we say innovative - move forward for Sonys EyeToy. And while SPOnG is just too damn old to really care so much about card trading games, we know from many of the younger generation (Ver Youth of Today) that these type of games are kiddy crack-like addictive.

    Well be bringing you more news on new EyeToy developments as the week progresses. Screens on all the other major PS3 announcements from yesterday to follow shortly. Keep it here.

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    Why do I feel Konami will like this?

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