HarleyG has released this new app: (although im not sure of its use but heres the info)

UMD Identifier v0.2 by harleyg & cppnewbie (0b10100111001)
I updated this UMD Identifier again because there was many,
many errors with the previous one... there was a duplicate
code and name, and also one more code than names...

However! This version will probably be the final release of
UMD Identifier as it needs no more.

>Less buggy
>No background, just simple text
>External file for UMD codes and names

In this version, i have remove the background image and colorfull text as its really, really not needed... The external file is inside umdidentifier/ (umds.txt) and the format is the following:
ULES-00151 Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories (ULES - EUROPE)
As you can see, inbetween the code and name is a tab, so it.

I will probably keep the umds.txt up to date every few weeks or something but now you can update it yourself!

Also... i will not release the source for this as it isnt
needed, as anyone can access the umds.txt and use that insted.

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