We all know eBay has been jacking up prices of fees whether it be listing or final value fees. You can sell a videogame item for $80 and be charged a final value fee of $9! How is a person suppose to make a profit or recoup their costs?

Well a site known as ChaseTheChuckWagon is helping gamers out. There is no listing fee but there is a ending fee and its a whole lot cheaper than eBay's. Here is a list of their fees from their Sellers Guide:

Listing Fees
  • There is no Insertion Fee to List an Item.
  • A commission of 3% is charged on the first $100.00 of the Purchase Price,
  • a commission of 2% is charged on the amount of the Purchase Price between $100.00 and $1000.00,
  • and a commission of 1% is charged on the amount of the Purchase Price over $1000.00,
Enhancement Fees
  • The fee to use a Reserve Bid for an auction is $0.50.
  • The fee to feature the auction on the Main Page is $2.00
  • The fee to feature the auction in the Listing Category is $1.00
  • The fee to display the listing in BOLD text is $0.30
  • The fee to display the listing with an Arrow is $0.30
  • The fee for a private auction is $0.15
  • There is no fee to uploaded images for a listing
ChaseTheChuckWagon has everything from accessories, consoles, magazines to memorabilia, computer gaming, anime and music. They also have listings for current consoles and even classics. It all depends on what sellers list and have available.

So if you're thinking of selling videogame items or even plan on buying, be sure to check out ChaseTheChuckWagon. Since the site is still fairly new, you might be able to snag some great deals!

Here is a video on how ChaseTheChuckwagon.com works

I must say, CTCW.com has been very helpful. I was able to sell items that I wasnt able to and even if I made a few bucks, at least the fees did not kill me where I was practically giving the item away for free like eBay. It doesnt cost anything to sign up or even sell. If it doesnt sell, you dont get charged. With eBay, you pay a listing fee and if it doesnt sell, you have to pay the fee.