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Thread: E3 Vox Populi: Will lack of rumble hurt the PS3?

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    ps3 E3 Vox Populi: Will lack of rumble hurt the PS3?

    Via Joystiq

    Yesterday, we asked a few people on the show to give their reaction to the following question: "Will the lack of rumble in the Dual Shake hurt the PlayStarion 3?" Here are some reactions we got:

    David Edery: Game Tycoon
    it's certainly a shame to lose something where rumble matters in the design context. Rumble has always felt like icing to me; it's not crucial. Not having the motion sensing at all, that's a huge problem. I'd be much more worrying about microsoft, frankly. rumble has never mattered to me that much. i think it'll hurt them, but I don't know how much. I don't think it's a huge deal. people want to move, though. not having that when others do have it, will be a huge disadvantage.

    Jessie: GamerSurvival
    "It'll hurt; I've heard a lot of people upset [over the decision]."

    David Reid: VP Marketing for GameTap
    i've never thought of it as a big deal. that's me personally. there was a time when i was deep in the weeds at xbox when we were like ... do we pay for one motor or two motors. i think the bigger story is a 499 box that doesn't have hdmi, doesn't have wifi, doesn't have a memory unit. i think lack of rumble is the least of their problems. those are really smart gusy they've got a really great business i'm sure thtey know what they're doing but it really sturck me as odd.

    "[The rumble] adds to the experience, feeling the explosions for example. It's gonna hurt them."

    Roman: Industry Analyst
    [Lack of rumble] is not the main thing that's going to hurt them. To me they're the loser of the show. I'm very concerned actually. Rumble is marginal compared to other issues.

    Cesar: Gamerscore
    "Not as much as the price."

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    Personally, I don't like the rumble function on the controller. I prefer complete control on my controller.

    Many games uses this function on several titles as a special feature during the game, not just feel the impact of your opponent during playtime.

    Sony still made a bad decision to take out the rumble function. The Wii has that function in conjunction to the full-motion capabilities. This will add a better sense of reality to the games they develop. Also, many people like to play FPS with this function to add a sense of reality.

    In the end, rumble or not, the user will decide if use it or not. It's a matter of preferences.

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    Ya they will have the rumble by the time it comes out. lol because people wont like it so they will change it at the last minute just as they did it with the boomerang controler.

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    even if sony doesn't come out with a rumble controller, some 3rd party will have it out soon after it launches.

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