Hedzx has released and updated a Lua Game called Chao Rush, heres the details:

<blockquote>This is Chao Rush version 0.2, which is an update to chao maze, based on a tutorial at luaplayer.org. Why the name change? because i have implemented a new feature, a timer in the game, and alsofor a better name than "chao Maze"

*added dark chao
*added hero chao
*added practice mode so you dont have to mess with the tiles anymore
*added an oppening under extras to see a stoory of why the chaos are
running areound gathering things (its just for laughs if ou want)
*fixed a bug of a level not recetting.
- new bug- only levels 1-4 are in practise >.< it wont work with 5..
*made the extras menu go so if you go all the way to the bottom it brings up the
rest of the list</blockquote>

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