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Europe Logitech PS2™ Racing Wheel Special Offer: Pro Model at US$ 109.90 (€87/£59), EX Model at US$ 69.90 (€55/£38) including VAT - Shipped within Europe only

Expanding our exclusive selection of products shipped only within the European Union (including VAT), we are now happy to offer two of the most likely most popular steering wheels for PlayStation2™. Yes, of course we are talking about Logitech's Driving Force series (which is also known as GT Force series).

The following products are official European Version products and shipped from our logistic partner only within the European Union. This means prices include local VAT, you won't be charged any additional import fees upon arrival of the products.


From the manufacturer: Get ready to experience the most realistic steering wheel ever made. With 900 degrees of wheel rotation, the Logitech® Driving Force Pro duplicates the true to life steering dynamics of cars like never before on your PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. And for games that don´t support 900 degree steering, the wheel automatically switches to standard 200-degree mode. Add in state-of-the-art Force Feedback technology, and you have the most advanced, most authentic driving experience in gaming. The advanced rack and pinion steering system lets you turn through 2-1/2 steering wheel rotations. The rubber wheel, sequential stick shifter, and responsive gas and brake pedals all combine for an incredible level of performance. Get behind the Driving Force Pro and get as close to reality as possible... no seatbelts required.

The Logitech Driving Force Pro - the ultimate PlayStation2™ racing wheel solution - is now available at US$ 109.90 (approx. €87/£59 including VAT) for a limited period of time.

Product features:

Drive in comfort. Soft, full rubber wheel realistically turns 2-1/2 times lock-to-lock. See a list of games that support 900 Degree Steering mode.
Use it with other racing games. The Driving Force Pro automatically switches to 200 Degree Steering compatibility mode.
Feel all the action with state-of-the-art force feedback technology.
Drive like a pro! Textured floorboard features responsive gas and brake pedals and exclusive no-slip carpet grip system. Sequential stick shifter, wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and a full set of PlayStation buttons give you all the control you need.


From the manufacturer:Combining industry-leading force feedback technology with a standard PlayStation®2 racing wheel, the Logitech® Driving Force™ EX gives you unprecedented control for all your driving games.

Drivers, start your engines! The Logitech Driving Force EX helps you live your racing dreams in any PlayStation2 racing game. Logitech´s new wheel comes with two interface plugs: the standard PlayStation 2 controller plug, ensuring the wheel will work with any PlayStation 2 game; and a USB plug that allows the Logitech Driving Force EX wheel to deliver realistic force feedback. The Force feedback technology provides realistic directional resistance as you encounter bumps, ridges or potholes on your way to victory lane. Even in games that don't support Logitech force feedback, the controller port connection will keep you on the starting grid. Comfortable rubber grips, responsive gas and brake pedals, and wheel-mounted shifters round out the most complete racing wheel available. The checkered flag will be yours!

As a slightly more economic solution, the Logitech Driving Force EX is in stock now at US$ 69.90 (approx. €55/£38 including VAT) only.

Product features:

Use it with all your favorite PS2 racing games: works with Gran Turismo® series, Need for Speed™ series, Burnout® series, NASCAR® series, and Grand Theft Auto series.
Experience the road. Feel all the bumps, car handling and crashes just as in real life!
Conveniently control menu selections. D-pad enables you to view changes and make other standard directional pad controls in driving games.
Gain quick access to control functions with 4 PlayStation Action Buttons.
Shift gears easily with 2 wheel-mounted paddles.
Honk your horn, use your windshield wipers and turn on your lights with 4 secondary action buttons. Gas and brake pedals add to the realism and precision of your driving experience.

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