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Thread: Gamestation on PS3 confusion

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    ps3 Gamestation on PS3 confusion

    Via Eurogamer

    UK retailer Gamestation has told our sister site,, that Sony has yet to confirm whether or not the lower spec 20GB version of the PlayStation 3 will go on sale in the UK.

    As previously confirmed, Gamestation is already taking pre-orders for the 60GB model - but is not currently offering the option to reserve a 20GB version.

    Speaking to, a spokesperson said: "Gamestation are currently taking pre-orders for the PS3 60GB sku, on the understanding this will be the most popular and available (if not only) sku launched."

    "When a final decision has been made by SCEE as to whether the 20GB sku will be released in the UK or not, Gamestation will react accordingly."

    The spokesperson went on to say that the company was keen not to mislead consumers by "taking pre-orders for a console that has not been confirmed for release by the publisher."

    "At this early stage in the pre-order campaign, Gamestation are acting on confirmed information only, and are in no way suggesting that should the PS3 20GB sku be released it would not be available to pre-order in Gamestation stores."

    Yesterday, a Sony spokesperson said the company was "still in planning" with regard to the UK PS3 launch, adding that sales teams "are currently liasing with retailers/buyers to discuss projections and consumer demands" for both PS3 configurations.

    For many in the industry, it would not come as a great surprise if Sony declined to release the 20GB PS3 in the UK. Microsoft launched two Xbox 360 bundles last year - the 'Premium' system, which came with a hard drive, and the 'Core' system - and demand was much greater for the Premium bundle. Since it sold old much faster, many consumers keen to get their hands on an Xbox 360 but faced with the problem of stock shortages were forced to opt for the Core system instead.

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    Perhaps Sony should drop the idea of the 20GB system altogether and lower the $600 USD system down to $500 (a wise opinion in my mind, if Sony wants to compete with the cheap and powerful Wii).

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