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Thread: Heavenly Sword just the start

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    ps3 Heavenly Sword just the start

    Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory is hoping that its martial arts action game, Heavenly Sword, will be the start of a big franchise for PlayStation 3.

    Ninja Theory is "thinking really big in terms of a franchise," the developer's chief technology officer Mike Ball told Edge magazine, continuing, "obviously our focus now is on the first Heavenly Sword but there's a big story to be told beyond that".

    Heavenly Sword tells the tale of a young girl called Nariko, the daughter of a clan leader whose role is to protect the sword. She is then forced to wield the cursed weapon in order to wreak revenge when her father is killed by an evil king.

    Nariko's story is only a small part of the Heavenly Story back-story as Ball explains: "the game is all about Nariko, but the sword itself has a story that's going to play out through a number of titles."

    Screenshot Here

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    Looks good. Graphics are tight

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