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Thread: pMEnc 0.4-pre Released

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    psp pMEnc 0.4-pre Released

    modsyn (aka myself) released version 4 of his PMPMod/PSPlayerMT video encoder.

    This version crams in a good many new features including:
    - Drag N' Drop: drop a file onto the window or onto pMEnc.exe
    - Batch Mode: create XML batch files (either by hand or generated with the provided program)
    - Target Resolution: can encode for resolutions other than the PSP (for .avis/DVD rips)
    - PMPMod v2 Support: now comes standard with pmp_muxer for PMPMod v2

    pMENc is aimed at users with little or no video encoding experience with the
    goal of making high resolution videos for the PSP a breeze.

    find the release and more here

    keep in mind it's a pre-release, so please report any bugs you may find

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    Default Easy

    Im not a real master when it come to encode movies.....but this is pretty thank you testing it right now for any bugs..

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