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Thread: Wii64/Cube64 Released - Nintendo64 Emulator for the Nintendo Wii/Gamecube

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    Rev Wii64/Cube64 Released - Nintendo64 Emulator for the Nintendo Wii/Gamecube

    The EmulateMii team have released what is for me the biggest release so far for the Wii and Gamecube Scenes, a Nintendo 64 Emulator for Wii and Gamecube running at a very decent speed.

    We’ve put a lot of hard work into this, and we hope you guys will have as much fun playing as we have developing it. If you’re feeling generous, we’re always accepting donations to keep this site running and to purchase any hardware we need for testing. You can donate here.

    A few notes about this release
    Wii64 users (Wii build):
    The emulator can be controlled with any combination of GC controllers, Classic Controllers, and Wiimotes with Nunchuks (sorry, Wiimotes must have nunchuks). See the included readme for details on the controls. You can load ROMs and saves from a FAT formatted SD or USB (details on the folders required are in the readme).

    Cube64 users (Gamecube build):
    Due to memory limitations, there is no expansion pak support, it uses TLB cache, 2xSaI and FB Textures may break things and of course ROMs will run slower.

    Fellow Developers:
    We don’t want to discourage other people forking and working on the emulator; however, any unofficial builds must not be called “Wii64″ or “Cube64″ nor use the Wii64 or Cube64 logo in order to avoid confusion. For now, we’re just releasing a snapshot of the source used to build Beta 1, but we’re planning on updating the public repository with each commit we’ve made to our private repository so that everyone can see the progression of the code. This process will begin soon.

    Heres the details from the readme:

    * ROMs can be z64 (big-endian) or v64 (little endian), or .n64, of any size
    * To install: Extract the contents of to the root of your SD card
    * For SD/USB: Put ROMs in the directory named /wii64/roms,
    All save types will automatically be placed in /wii64/saves
    * For DVD: ROMs may be anywhere on the disc
    * Load the executable from the HBC or in the loader of your choice
    Once loaded, select 'Load ROM' and choose the source and select the ROM to load
    (Note: to go up a directory select '..', B will exit the file browser)
    * Select 'Play Game' to play
    The game can be exited any time by pressing X and Y together on a GC pad or Classic Controller,
    1 and 2 together on a Wiimote (only with Nunchuck attached), or the reset button
    (Note: this must be done to save your game; it will not be done automatically)

    * Gamecube controllers are mapped 1:1 with N64 buttons
    * Classic controllers are mapped the same as on VC titles but Z is mapped to both
    ZL and ZR for ease of use
    * X+Y are used to exit to the menu on both classic controller and Gamecube controller
    * Wiimote+Nunchuck mappings are:
    * Left-stick: Nunchuk-stick
    * A: A
    * B: + or -
    * Z: Nunchuk Z
    * L: Nunchuk C
    * R: B
    * Start: Home
    * C-stick: D-pad
    * D-pad: 2 + D-pad
    * Return to menu: 1 + 2

    * General
    * Native Saves Device: Choose where to load and save native game saves
    * Save States Device: Choose where to load and save save states
    * Select CPU Core: Choose whether to play games with pure interpreter
    (better compatibility) or dynarec (better speed)
    * Save settings.cfg: Save all of these settings either SD or USB (to be loaded automatically next time)
    * Video
    * Show FPS: Display the framerate in the top-left corner of the screen
    * Screen Mode: Select the aspect ratio to display in (doesn't affect
    the aspect ratio games are rendered in)
    * CPU Framebuffer: Enable for games which only draw directly to the
    framebuffer (this will only need to be set for some homebrew demos)
    * 2xSaI Tex: Scale and Interpolate in-game textures (unstable on GC)
    * FB Textures: Enable framebuffer textures (necessary for some games to
    render everything correctly (e.g. Zelda Subscreen), but can impact performance, unstable on GC)
    * Input
    * Configure Input: Select controllers to use in game
    * Configure Paks: Select which controller paks to use in which controllers
    * Audio
    * Disable Audio: Select to mute the sound
    * Saves
    * Auto Save Native Saves: When enabled, the emulator will automatically load
    saves from the selected device and save when returning to the menu or
    turning off the console
    * Copy Saves: Not yet implemented
    * Delete Saves: Not yet implemented

    Please visit to see what runs
    Report any issues to

    * Core Coder: tehpola
    * Graphics Coder: sepp256
    * General Coder: emu_kidid
    * Original mupen64: Hactarux
    * Artwork: drmr
    * Wii64 Demo ROM: marshallh
    * Compiled using devKitPro r18 and libOGC
    ( )
    * Visit us on and

    Beta 1:
    + Dynamic Recompiler
    + Expansion Pak Support (Wii only)
    + New menu system
    + Classic Controller support
    + Wiimote & nunchuck support
    + Settings saving
    + Auto load/save option for saves
    + rsp_hle RSP Plugin Port
    - rsp_hle-ppc RSP Plugin
    + glN64 features & bugfixes
    + 2xSaI
    + glN64 frame buffer textures (e.g. Zelda sub screen)
    + glN64 CPU Frame buffer (for homebrew demos)
    + libDI Wii DVD ROM loading support
    + Full TLB on Wii
    * Many many bug fixes
    * MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii improved (512MBiT ROM support)
    * Memory LUTs compacted
    + glN64 Port
    + MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii (fits 32MB ROMs)
    + Save/Load on Wii Filesystem
    + Progressive video support
    + Embedded font support for Qoob users
    * Threaded audio
    * Various GX_gfx fixes
    * Reworked input plugin
    + Modular controller input
    + Developer Features submenu
    * Toggle FPS/Debug display
    * Replaced GUI
    + Menu system
    + Menu file browser
    * Replaced file handling system
    + Modular file read/writes
    * Gameplay resumable after exiting to menu
    + Game reset option
    * Multiple ROMs may be loaded without crashing/freezing
    + Fancy splash screen and credits
    * Fixed software graphics support
    + Working audio (choppy)
    + Partial support for little-endian ROMs
    + Rumble pak support
    + DVD loading
    + GX graphics
    - Software graphics
    * Any size ROM support from SD card
    * Pure Interpreter support only for now
    * Software GFX
    * Controller/Mempak support
    * Saving to SD card
    * Text UI
    * 4 MB RAM support (no expansion pack)

    Download and Give Feedback and Compatability reports Via Comments

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    Hell yeah! Thank you! Castlevania doesn't work though, but I am sure it will over time. Either way this made my day. Too bad I have to go to school all day.

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    This is looking great! I may need to try it >.>

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    missed part of emukids post.

    Finally, there is a support forum located on TehSkeen, so if you are having trouble with Beta 1, please seek help there before submitting issues to the Google code tracker. You can also join in and discuss the project with other users there.

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    This is nuts! F-zero x is running almost perfectly! There are still quite a few games not working at all, but this is an awesome piece of work. I hope to see further updates to this tremendous emulator.

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    Tested it, and it seems that there are random cases of freezing. I won a SSB match, and the game decided to freeze on the victory screen. On MK64, the game froze going into character select screen or stage select screen. I dunno, freezing just comes at random sometimes.

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    I have question here, every game for me is freezing and not working at all for my wii. I d/l the beta 1 and did everything correctly but do I need to d/l the beta 1 src for my wii to make the games work? If so, where do I put the files at?

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    This works great on me Wii, sure, there was some slow downs, but I can play a match of Super smash bros flawlessly. I could also play Megaman 64! WOOT!

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    Is really the video from a Beta release? Impressive...

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    ummmm guys i got a problem
    after i put it on the SD what do i do please somebody help me

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