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Thread: popstation isn't working

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    Arrow popstation isn't working

    psp specs:
    5.00 m33-6 cfw
    poploader plugin: enabled

    I converted a 2 disc iso into an eboot so that I could switch discs but ran into the problem of the thing not even loading. It's in its own folder and I have tried that folder in PSP/Game, PSP/Game150 and PSP/Game5XX all don't load the eboot but instead goes to a black screen which then restarts the psp other homebrew I have work fine.

    UPDATE: I got to the pops screen via holding right button and tried all of them listed and the only one that gave any response was original from flash. I was able to get to a screen by hitting home but after that screen it just goes black. I even tried restart game from disc 1 and it just gave me a black screen. "original from flash" is the only one that will quickly respond to the home button, the others just sit there idlely until I restart the psp.

    Anyone have any idea how I can fix this
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    did you add in the fw files for the other pops?
    that's the only way you can load any fw from pops that's not original.

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