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Thread: Digital Rentals Built in to PSPgo?

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    psp Digital Rentals Built in to PSPgo?

    Screwing around with the sorting feature on the PSPgo, someone's found there's only one way to arrange games and folders - by their expiration date. Expiration?

    Renting a movie off of the PSN, now, that's something that would expire, and we're all familiar with that. Fareo at the Retail Gamer posted these shots with the same quality applied to games. And, purely speculation here, he reasons that since PSPgo owners are no longer able to rent games from GameFly or anywhere else - lack of the UMD drive and all that - such a service would only make sense. Wouldn't it?

    Sure. This isn't a completely foreign concept. Sony's also surveyed the acceptability of such an idea.

    Here's another screen proving the point.

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    This was a feature of 6.00, any PSP with 6.00+ can do that...

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